2 Storey House Designs

If you want to get the best value out of your home living space, then a two-storey house is the perfect choice. Built to reflect the perfect mix of functionality and subtle elegance that most modern families aspire for, these two-storey houses are definitely on top of every home buyer’s wish list.

House #1

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Two-storey homes are a great choice if you want more design and layout potential for your dream abode. What’s great about them is how cost-effective such homes are: you get double the floor area with the same land size. This means you don’t need a big patch of land to gain valuable living space. And you get to save more because costs related to foundation, roofing and plumbing would be considerably lower compared to a sprawling single-storey. With a two-storey property, the only way to go is up!

House #2

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This two-storey house is an excellent option for families looking for a place to grow and settle in. The ground level interior accommodates the living room, kitchen and dining area, maid’s room and a bath, with garage space outside. Meanwhile, the upper level has three spacious bedrooms, with a bathroom for each. We love this two-storey design because it provides so much space in a fairly reasonable 153 square meters of land.  

House #3

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Why do a lot of homeowners go for a two-storey design? Because it has a lot of upsides, that’s why! One obvious benefit is increased space, especially if built on a small block of land. With the upper level generally used for bedrooms, the lower level could then be arranged as living and dining areas, sometimes even including an outdoor area. Budget is also a key advantage: two-storey homes generally cost less per square footage compare to single-storey houses. Beyond cost and increased space, there are other upsides as well. Two-storey designs allow for higher, more expansive views that can be used to add outdoor spaces.

House #4

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Two-storey house plans are popular because they are adaptable living spaces. How? For one, they can feature various design styles, from traditional to modern and even contemporary styles. These homes have more space for whatever design is showcased – windows, stairs, or rooms. Homeowners have a lot of design opportunities on both stories. They are also great for those who need multi-functional spaces. For instance, a home office, a family area upstairs, or an outdoor deck can be accommodated within the structure. With a smart design plan, anything is possible with two-storey homes.

House #5

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The two-storey design shown here combines elegant contemporary design with space-saving features. Its exterior shows a patch of greenery and the garage big enough for two vehicles. The main door meanwhile opens to the first storey that has the living room, kitchen and dining space and a bathroom. Three bedrooms occupy the second storey, with bathrooms for each room. An outdoor balcony frames the facade, where a seating area can be placed for homeowners to enjoy the view.