Beach House Designs

A beach house is the quintessential hideaway for people who want to revel in nature and still enjoy the conveniences of a private abode. Here is a list of top contemporary beach houses where the views are spectacular, and the sea is only a stone’s throw away.

House #1

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Who doesn’t dream of owning beachfront property? The idea of waking up every day to the sound of lapping waves and basking in the sea just a few steps away from your abode is quite an alluring prospect. Beach houses always feature great design elements – vast windows for stunning views, pool area right beside the beach, and wide garden scapes – these blend the property with the natural beauty of the surrounding outdoors.

House #2

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This amazing, modern beach house overlooking the Coral Sea in Castaways Beach, Noosa, Australia embodies the cool and contemporary beach house aesthetic. Known as the Blue Dog Beach House, this retreat is designed to naturally follow the sloped terrain of the dune it sits atop of, with its elevated ground providing unobstructed views of the ocean. Beach enthusiasts can rent the two-story masterpiece complete with four bedrooms, three baths, open plan kitchen and living space and of course, the infinity pool.

House #3

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This massive two-storey beach property in Perth, Australia stands out with its clean, contemporary design. Its grey palette highlights modern, industrial touches with the use of concrete, glass, and wooden elements in the interior construction and furnishings. The neutral tones contrast beautifully against the blues in the sky and on the sea. Palm trees surrounding the house add a charming tropical feel.  

House #4

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Surrounded by greenery on an elevated piece of land, this magnificent beach house evokes a feeling of being a celebrity upon entering the property. What excites us about this home are the floor to ceiling glass windows giving both the upper and lower storeys uninterrupted views of the ocean, pool and garden scapes. The windows let in as much natural light as can be, filling the house with vibrant sunshine during the day, while warm light fixtures add drama at night.

House #5

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Beach houses, whether situated on the shores or atop a hill, offer a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are the perfect place to be one with nature and relax to the hypnotic rhythm of the ocean waves. Contemporary design features include sizeable windows, an open layout, and amenities that sprawl around the property like an outdoor deck, garden and pool. Inside-outside living is truly realized in these beach homes, because we want to take in as much of the scenery as we can inside our tranquil abodes.