Narrow Block House Designs

Owning a small lot doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the amount of living space; narrow block homes are smartly configurated structures that go big in terms of flow and height. These narrow block homes will show you how open layouts and innovative design can deliver big results to your living spaces.

House #1

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This two-story home combines efficient design with modern luxury, making the most of an open plan layout to allow indoor and outdoor spaciousness. The warm wood on the garage entryway adds a vibrant hue to the front of the house, while the sleek balcony at the upper level provides additional outdoor space perfect for gazing at the view.

House #2

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Narrow block homes provide families with the convenience of a large home in a more compact space. Their open floor plan blends the kitchen, dining, and family room seamlessly with an outdoor green space. These homes showcase the modern aesthetic with its smart use of concrete, steel and wooden materials. Huge, light-filled windows complete the overall design, bringing a balance of airiness and warmth within these homes.

House #3

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These awe-inspiring homes bring style and functionality to a whole new level. Both use modified wood to create interest and depth on the exterior cladding, doors and deck of the two-story structures. Huge glass windows invite some natural light to come in, making the inside space feel even more spacious. The floor plan is extended in both homes: by adding a suspended terrace to the house on the left, and by adding some attic space to the house on the right. Both homes demonstrate wonderful architectural solutions to an otherwise small piece of land.

House #4

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Narrow block homes present innovative ways to maximise small patches of property. Clever designs make use of high ceiling, highlight windows and open floor layout to make the house feel large and inviting. What we love about narrow blocks is that space is never an issue. Aside from the living, dining and sleeping areas, there is a garage and garden area. Homeowners are still able to enjoy the comforts found in larger properties.

House #5

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Narrow block homes are the perfect choice for homeowners who want to maximise their property investment and have an affordable, stylish and modern retreat. Narrow lot builders incorporate smart design features, like raised ceilings, indoor-outdoor connecting spaces, and floor-to-ceiling windows, all to give a sense of open space. Designed to suit your land and budget, these homes certainly don’t compromise on the conveniences you want out of your dream home.