Sloping Block House Designs

Sloping block homes capture unmatched views, whether built on a coastline or on rolling hillsides. These structures may require a bit more attention in terms of foundation and design, but with enough experience and style, these sloping block homes can bring homeowners lots of rewards, too.

House #1

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Building sloping block homes often take designers and builders into an unpredictable venture. And while working with the land’s gradient presents its challenges, there are great benefits in going for the slope block. For one, a sloped block design allows for multiple living areas. This will give more options for homeowners to find their preferred space at any given time. Another upside when choosing a sloping block home is that these homes are totally unique – mezzanine levels, custom shaped pools, layered gardens – these are just some options made available for your home.

House #2

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This South Coast sloping block plan exudes contemporary coziness with its clean lines, sprawling spaces and overall sleek, spacious style. It features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, indoor and outdoor living areas complete with pool and porch, as well as a two-car garage. With its more than half of its 249.78 square meter floor area dedicated to living room space, this sloping block is perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and sumptuous living.

House #3

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These sloping block homes are generally more complicated to construct than the standard flat build. Even so, there are awesome aspects to them as well. Sloping land can instantly give you access to unobstructed views. And while flat block land can also achieve this feature, sloping land is naturally positioned to be above any obstacles, so there’s a big chance of getting a fantastic view. Sloping block homes also have great access to natural light and ventilation, which, aside from helping maintain a bright, airy feel to your space, can also make your home energy-efficient.

House #4

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The Eaglemont home blends luxury and functionality into three jaw-dropping levels of sloping block design. From the outside, the house already looks impressive with its massive windows and cool-toned structure made of marble, wood and concrete materials. The interiors continue the minimalist, contemporary style: the open layout for the living, kitchen and dining area extends seamlessly to an alfresco area where an L-shaped pool and nearby porch is located. The upper stories are where the spacious bedrooms, a private study, and the roof deck are situated.

House #5

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The Ravello is a sloping block home intentionally designed as a split-level structure. This way, the house works naturally with the land’s sloping, regardless if it goes downward or upward in direction. This modern home displays smooth lines, spacious open layout and neutral tones. What works here is how design maximized the space: it features three bedrooms, a separate guest room with ensuite and a study. In addition, an alfresco entertainment space and a media room comprise the living areas. And if that’s not enough, there’s a nice surprise for two bedrooms: an upper deck access for owners to enjoy a bit of fresh, cool breeze.